Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Mummy of two boys

I sit here watching scooby doo.
6 month old is napping in the mummaroo and my toddler is engrossed in the cartoon.
Soon caos will depend.
E will wake up. Need to get dressed for the day and scream whilst I put his earing aids in.
M will decide of he wants to wear pants today (I secretly hope he doesnt. I hate the mess. I'm following his lead as and when be wants to use the potty)  then will dress him. Should probably dress myself as well.
I'll say we will go out for the day.  We probably won't. Since having E my social anxiety is crazy.
I'm constantly worried that people will point and stare at his hearing aids and make comments. I'm worried the toddler will run off and I won't be able to chase him and the pushchair. Public meltdowns are in full force and so are the stares from everyone around.
We will watch scooby doo all day. Play and argue with the toddler why he can't climb on the windowsill because it isn't safe.
Time to finish the ramble E is waking up
Until next time

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What's my name

So on my way to work it has got me thinking. What's my name....

Masons mummy?
Lukes wife?

Both of these names I wear proudly and wouldn't change. Both names have helped me grow and shown me true happiness and what love really is.

BUT I do have a name I do have a status. This has become lost while I have adjusted to my new life as a mum and wife.

I think this happens to many new mums. My little boy is now 10 months and I am now slowly starting to find me again. Incorporate my name into my new names.

My name is Jane and Mason's mummy and Luke's wife. 

What's your name?

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mummy on board

Hi everyone

So I have had a busy time since I last posted.
I got a new job, fell pregnant and got married.
My new day to day life currently consists of jeans and a top. Most days I have sick on me somewhere. And sing nursery rhymes do many times I hum them even when little man us asleep.

I will probably be sending this blog in a different direction now. More mummy related things as that's now what I am surrounded by and it's good to share.

Will post properly soon.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Big Bows

Evening All,

I bought these Jeggings from the Dorothy Perkins sale last week for £17 I absolutely love them and have so many outfit ideas for them already.

This is what I wore to work today. The whole outfit was so comfortable.

Jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Jumper - River Island
Shoes - Primark
Bag - eBay

Thank you so much for reading today's blog post it really means a lot
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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Little Miss Daisy

So this is my first (of many) blog posts on 2013.
I hope you all had an amazing new year and are looking forward to the possibilities of 2013.

The pictures aren't the best sorry my mums poorly and I really wanted to get my outfit pictures done. I'm such a mean daughter.
I loved today's look I felt very prim and proper in it.
This is my summer dress that I got in Dorothy Perkins for £7 in the sale a couple of months ago. This is perfect for all seasons. I can't wait to team this dress with my green blazer and kitten heels in the summer.

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - New Look
Cardigan - Primark

Thank you so much for reading today's blog post it really means a lot
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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Finding me???

Morning All,

So I went off the blogging border a little *cough cough a lot* recently. I think I lost me a little. I got into a phase where I was just throwing any old thing on I wasn't co-ordinating anything. Most days I didn't wear make up a d shoved my hair up any old how. I hadn't even felt the need to shop. Me not wanting to shop is like sacrilege. I think shopping is in my DNA.
I won't go into everything but I have had a tough few months and my sense of style went missing. Well I have found it again now.
This was yesterday's look.

Dress - forever21
Blazer & beanie - next
Belt - small shop in my town
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - primark

Then I treated myself in the sales. I had said I wasn't going to shop because I am saving with the Mr but I needed a treat so packed lunches at work for the rest of the month for me. 😃
I will start blogging again definitely, my day doesn't feel complete without posing for the camera.
So I hope you can all welcome me back with open arms I have missed the blogging.

Thank you so much for reading today's blog post it really means a lot
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Monday, 27 August 2012

NOTD - 27/08/12

It's been a while since I've done a NOTD blog post but thought I would do one today.

Nail polishes used
Models own - grey day
Barry M - Crackle mail effects
Avon - lemon fortifier

Thank you so much for reading today's blog post it really means a lot
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