Saturday, 26 September 2009

An update

Ok so I haven't been any good at actually writing my blog here I know sorry.

So a little update My boyfriend moved all of our bedroom around with a little help from me but managed to actually break our wardrobe I know how......wasn't best please but his daddy fixed it. woo-hoo go him. So have been tidying that up and now all my clothes are all nicely folded on my bed waiting for me to fold them up. Nice fun it's 23:07 and I have to do this before bed.

I have started to do move videos on youtube now I hope you all enjoy them (if you watch them) and I always update twitter if you want to follow me on there I tweet constantly.

So I will try and update my blog at least every other day now. For anyone that is interested in reading it. =D So for now I am off to put away my clothes once all done maybe put some pictures up might even do a room tour for youtube.

Hope everyone's evening has been a good one and speak to you all soon xx

Monday, 24 August 2009

Monday Blues

Hey Everyone,

So Monday evening just at home relaxing watching One Tree Hill while my boyfriend makes some Tea had another day at work busy busy busy wore a black dress that clinches in at the waist and thwn flows out with blue shoes and accessories even blue nails. Very colour co-ordinated I love colour co-ordinating.

Overall wasn't an exciting day really just wanted to update the blog.

Hope your all doing well and your day was good as well.

Speak to you all later

Love Jane xx

Sunday, 23 August 2009

My first blog

Hey Everyone,

So this is my first ever blog I have a youtube page called  only have a few reviews on there at the moment hope to start doing some more stuff soon.

Ok so it's Sunday mid morning it's nearly 12 and my lazy boyfriend is still in bed so I am up all alone so thought I would start a Blog.

I will introduce myself I am 21 and work in accounts I live in London and love all things girly clothes, shoes, bags and make up I have it all and I get about 5 different magazines a month to keep up to date with everything.

If anyone has any requests for my youtube page or anything you want me to blog about then please let me know.

Will blog again soon.

Love Jane xx