Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday night and new blog promise

Hi Everyone,

So I have really neglegted this blog a lot I just havent really felt the whole blogging thing but I promise I will do this more now also I don't understand the blog website properly yet either.

So I want to know what it is you would actually want to read about on my blog. Or just me waffling on about anything is ok???

So my day today I went to my mums for dinner and she pulled out some retro games 'jacks' and 'pick up sticks' we also played 'dominnos' as well. The first two games were so funny such simple games kept us all entertained for hours I don't live at my mums no more I have my own place with my boyfriend Luke so when we all get together it's nice to really have family time and play games rather hen all sit and watch tv. I

This is Jacks and the idea is you throw all the metal jacks in the air and catch on the back of your hand all at the same time bouncing the ball and catching in the oher hand. All without trying to throw the jacks all over the room which happened a lot and the dogs trying to eat the bouncy ball lol. It sounds hard to even type the instructions so can you imagine playing the game so much fun.

This is pick up sticks the idea of this game is to drop the sticks and then pull them out using one other stick and not moving any other sticks. Each stick is worth different points and at the end you see who has the most poins this kept us entertained the most because it was easier to play and didnt fly everyewhere like the jacks did.

So I hope you liked this blog post I promise to do this more often now =D enjoy and follow my blog xx

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