Thursday, 30 September 2010

London day out 30/09/10

Hi everyone,

So me and the bf went to London for the day we went to ripleys believe it or not. It was good but not amazing i'n my opinion.

We also took a trip to MAC woo hoo I had bought some fix plus i'n Brighton on Tuesday which I look forward to using :-) and today I bought to pan eyeshadows. I got passionate which is a hot pink colour I saw it and immediately thought wow what a lovely colour. The second colour was deep truth this is a glittery midnight blue colour. I love midnight blues.

I then went to selfridges and bought my very first illamasqua product I was very happy I got 4 creamy eyeshadows i'n one palette. I think this is one of there new palettes. It was £29.50 which is a lot for me but it was an impulse buy but I was really happy with it. The colours are. (L-R) stoic, solstice, superior, resolute.
The palettes name 4 colour liquid metal palette. All of the colours are amazing and perfect for autumn/winter. The lady at the shop said the reddy colour can be used as a lipstick as well which is good so the palette can be carried around with you and will cover lips and eyes :-)

Have you tried any illamasqua products? What did you think?
Love Jane xx

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

NOTD eyeko jade green

Hi everyone,

These are my NOTD I used the eyeko jade green I love the colour of this. I applied 3 coats on my left hand and 2 coats on my right hand just to see the difference. I did find the polish a bit gloopy to apply but once I got past that it looks really nice as the end project.

What are you wearing?

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Monday, 27 September 2010

New banksy

Hi everyone

So me and the boyfriend went into town today we got a Starbucks woo hoo

And I bought a colouring book because I have a inner child that likes to come out and play lol.
We also bought a paint by numbers which kept me amused all afternoon. I thought I would share my picture with you.

What releases your inner child?

Love Jane

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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Resting Sunday

Hiya everyone,

Bluh so I was of work for 2 weeks with a sickness bug I finally get better and then wake up this morning with what feels like a cold.
I have had a day of dosing up on medicine and watching T.V. At the moment it's the secret garden which is such a good film I think. My boyfriend was lovely and made me a cooked breakfast was the first time I tried a fried slice and I didn't like it. I will stick to toast I think. Do you like fried slice?

This week me and my boyfriend have the week of work and are hoping to do lots of daytrips around London so I will post lots of pictures.
This post is probably not that interesting just a little update while I wallow i'n self pitty.
The first thing I am going to do tomorrow is a trip to Starbucks I need a nice hot latte.
I will be watching xfactor tonight I love this show does anyone else? I have a few favourites and hope they get through. Who's your favourite?
How has your weekend been?
Love Jane xx

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Saturday, 25 September 2010

NOTD - Avon purple passion

Hi everyone,
So I was really really bored today so repainted my nails I used Avon Arabian glow purple passion. This applied really easily and has a nice metallic finish to it. I applied two coats of the nailpolish and it looks really nice I think.
What are you wearing i'n your nails?
Love Jane xxxx

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Sleek goodies

Hello everybody

So last month I subscribed to glamour magazine and i'n doing so I received a free gift. This was a great inventive for me to subscribe :-) I done the same with more magazine but I never received the free gift but I did with glamour woo hoo thumbs up for them. Free stuff makes Jane very happy. Especially as it was sleek goodies and I love all the sleek palettes all pictures and swatches will be at the end.
So onto what goodies I received. I got the sunset palette which I never had and looking at the colours there's some perfect autumn/winter colours i'n there. A brilliant palette this is something that was on my want list anyway :-) I also got a pout polish which I wanted to try anyway. The shade was pink Cadillac number 947 I have used this everyday multiple times. I have been sick so my lips are really dry and this feels luxurious on them I miss not wearing make up so this helps make me feel pretty lol. The scent reminds me of when I was a child and you would have Polly pocket make up it's a bit plasticy smelly but because it reminds me of childhood which makes me happy I like it. There was an eye dust i'n there the shade was breathless number 684 this is a really pretty blue colour when swatched on my hand it is a bit metallic looking but a really pretty colour will be good for the Christmas parties. There was a nailpolish i'n shade bare number 35 this is a neutral browny colour it doesn't have a wow factor on my nails but I do like the brighter shades. It is very conservative I would say for people who like nudes it's perfect I just feel a bit cheated when I see it on my nails lol. But a positive is that it does dry quickly just as it claims to. The last thing I received was a blush. Shade flamingo number 937 firstly I love the packaging it's like the palettes sleek black packaging with a mirror i'n it. I would be interested i'n a blusher palette from sleek. Hmm I wonder if they will create one??? AnywY back to the blusher this is a hot pink colour with hints if red i'n it. It definitely isn't a subtle colour but I love it. It blends really well and I will be getting another blusher from sleek.
These were all the products. I know I go of on a tangent a lot. I write like a speak and when things pop i'n my head I need to say them there and then or I will forget. I'm very ditzy I think.
I hope you liked my post.
Speak to you later love Jane :-) xxx

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Friday, 24 September 2010

NOTD - Avon golden wine

Hi everyone,

These are my NOTD it's Avon golden wine. I love this colour so much it just reminds me of Christmas and I feel happy whenever I look at it which is always a good thing.
What are you wearing on your nails today?

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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Urban decay naked palette

Hi everyone
So I have been sick :-( boo but I got this i'n the post the other day and now that I have blogpress on the iPhone I can blog wherever wooo hoo. So expect more NOTD and more FOTD I don't go on the laptop much. (my bf is glued to it)

Anyway enough of me babbling on. Onto the whole reason for my post. The urban decay naked palette. So I bought this because of all the hype on it. I am a sucker for hyped up products. I don't even wear a lot of nude eyeshadows i'n all honesty. But when this palette was delivered I was i'n love although I have been sick I have had a little play around with the eyeshadows and I'm so glad I bought this.
The packaging is so nice it's brown with gold writing see picture below. And all the eyeshadows are soooo pretty there amazingly pigmented aswell. Both the eyeliners are really good as well but I don't see them lasting on the waterline. But on the eyelash line or on the bottom lower lash line I think it would be good. A picture of the colours below and some demo looks below aswell. (i am sick so excuse the bags) This also comes with the primer potion I am nit overly fussed with primer potion at the moment maybe I will try it one day and fall madly i'n love with it but for now I'm not fussed. Swatches of all the colours below i'n the same order as the palette. A couple of the lighter shades don't show up i'n the picture but are good for highlight colours.
I hope you liked the post I know all the pictures aren't i'n a goof order I will try to figure out the app better. Speak to you al later.

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