Thursday, 30 September 2010

London day out 30/09/10

Hi everyone,

So me and the bf went to London for the day we went to ripleys believe it or not. It was good but not amazing i'n my opinion.

We also took a trip to MAC woo hoo I had bought some fix plus i'n Brighton on Tuesday which I look forward to using :-) and today I bought to pan eyeshadows. I got passionate which is a hot pink colour I saw it and immediately thought wow what a lovely colour. The second colour was deep truth this is a glittery midnight blue colour. I love midnight blues.

I then went to selfridges and bought my very first illamasqua product I was very happy I got 4 creamy eyeshadows i'n one palette. I think this is one of there new palettes. It was £29.50 which is a lot for me but it was an impulse buy but I was really happy with it. The colours are. (L-R) stoic, solstice, superior, resolute.
The palettes name 4 colour liquid metal palette. All of the colours are amazing and perfect for autumn/winter. The lady at the shop said the reddy colour can be used as a lipstick as well which is good so the palette can be carried around with you and will cover lips and eyes :-)

Have you tried any illamasqua products? What did you think?
Love Jane xx


  1. Those Illamasqua colors look gorgeous! what an awesome palette :)

  2. @yepmeagain sorry only just seen your comment. I don't get an email. They are so creamy and so easy to use as well xx