Sunday, 26 September 2010

Resting Sunday

Hiya everyone,

Bluh so I was of work for 2 weeks with a sickness bug I finally get better and then wake up this morning with what feels like a cold.
I have had a day of dosing up on medicine and watching T.V. At the moment it's the secret garden which is such a good film I think. My boyfriend was lovely and made me a cooked breakfast was the first time I tried a fried slice and I didn't like it. I will stick to toast I think. Do you like fried slice?

This week me and my boyfriend have the week of work and are hoping to do lots of daytrips around London so I will post lots of pictures.
This post is probably not that interesting just a little update while I wallow i'n self pitty.
The first thing I am going to do tomorrow is a trip to Starbucks I need a nice hot latte.
I will be watching xfactor tonight I love this show does anyone else? I have a few favourites and hope they get through. Who's your favourite?
How has your weekend been?
Love Jane xx

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