Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sleek goodies

Hello everybody

So last month I subscribed to glamour magazine and i'n doing so I received a free gift. This was a great inventive for me to subscribe :-) I done the same with more magazine but I never received the free gift but I did with glamour woo hoo thumbs up for them. Free stuff makes Jane very happy. Especially as it was sleek goodies and I love all the sleek palettes all pictures and swatches will be at the end.
So onto what goodies I received. I got the sunset palette which I never had and looking at the colours there's some perfect autumn/winter colours i'n there. A brilliant palette this is something that was on my want list anyway :-) I also got a pout polish which I wanted to try anyway. The shade was pink Cadillac number 947 I have used this everyday multiple times. I have been sick so my lips are really dry and this feels luxurious on them I miss not wearing make up so this helps make me feel pretty lol. The scent reminds me of when I was a child and you would have Polly pocket make up it's a bit plasticy smelly but because it reminds me of childhood which makes me happy I like it. There was an eye dust i'n there the shade was breathless number 684 this is a really pretty blue colour when swatched on my hand it is a bit metallic looking but a really pretty colour will be good for the Christmas parties. There was a nailpolish i'n shade bare number 35 this is a neutral browny colour it doesn't have a wow factor on my nails but I do like the brighter shades. It is very conservative I would say for people who like nudes it's perfect I just feel a bit cheated when I see it on my nails lol. But a positive is that it does dry quickly just as it claims to. The last thing I received was a blush. Shade flamingo number 937 firstly I love the packaging it's like the palettes sleek black packaging with a mirror i'n it. I would be interested i'n a blusher palette from sleek. Hmm I wonder if they will create one??? AnywY back to the blusher this is a hot pink colour with hints if red i'n it. It definitely isn't a subtle colour but I love it. It blends really well and I will be getting another blusher from sleek.
These were all the products. I know I go of on a tangent a lot. I write like a speak and when things pop i'n my head I need to say them there and then or I will forget. I'm very ditzy I think.
I hope you liked my post.
Speak to you later love Jane :-) xxx

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