Thursday, 7 October 2010

Boyfriend Tag

Hi Everyone,
so Luke wouldnt make the video with me so we have decided on a blog instead. I tag everyone as well. We have been dating for 4 years and 8 months.

1. where did we meet? At work we both worked at the same football club.
2. what was our first date? Officially cinema we watched the hills have eyes and nando’s but neither of us ate anything.
3. where was our first kiss and how was it? Are first kiss was at a work christmas party. We were both seeing other people it was amazing we knew we were going to be together after that.
4. did u know that i was the one? Yes, I knew a long time before the kiss.
5. first impression? She was annoying. All she did was talk and talk and I couldn’t wait to get away from her. But after a while that changed. You can’t ignore Jane she talked to much. Lol
6. when did u meet the family After a few weeks of dating I went to Jane’s mum’s house for dinner. But we worked with her nan.
7. do we have a tradition No, just celebrate anniversaries.
8. what was our first roadtrip Our first roadtrip (well train we don’t drive) was brighton for Jane’s friends 18th birthday.
9. who said i love u first and where were we Luke I text her.
10. what do we argue about the most we bicker a lot about the small stuff. Like Luke leaving dirty washing next to the washing basket. Or Jane leaving her shoes in the front room.
11. who wears the pants in the relationship Hmmm we would both disagree on that. It depends on the situation but on big decisions we both decide together.
12. if im sitting in front of the tv what am i watching Some wedding program or American TV drama.
13. what dressing do i get on my salad Whatever I comes with - correct
14. whats the one food don't i like Onions or mushrooms – correct I hate both
15. we go out to eat what do i get to drink Non Alcoholic – Diet Coke Alcoholic – Rose Spritzer with lemonade - correct
16. what size shoe do i wear Size UK 7 – correct or UK8 sometimes
17. if i was collecting anything what would it be Shoes, bag’s, gloves, scarf’s something to do with fashion. Or ballerinas. – All correct I collct all of them and make up
18. what is my favorite type of sandwich Chicken Club – Correct and I was very surprised
19. what would i eat everyday if i could Cheese and Ham panini – Yeah prob or chicken
20. what my fav cereal Lucky carms or special K –Yeah special K
21. what is my fav music Pop. You like it all but I would say pop – I listen to everything but my ipod prob has more pop on it
22. whats my fav sports team Don’t have one - That’s correct if I had to it would be crystal palace football club
23. what is my eye color Green, grey, brown, mooron it’s not blue. – I have browny/green
24. who is my best friend Me!!!! And kelly – Yes both
25. what is something that you do that i wish you didn't Eating in bed – Ah yes I HATE that.
26. what is my heritage and where am i from Somewhere from Pompy you pirate - . Yes I am from Portsmouth but don’t know my heritage
27. you bake me a cake for my birthday what kind do u make I never bake. But strawberry cheesecake. – No just a sponge cake with lots of thick icing
28. did i play any sports Huh No – Actually I played netball in primary school and first year of high school
29. what could i spend hours doing Shopping and talking – Yes both and Make up and watching youtube videos.
30. what is one unique talent that i have Nothing your average – I was so mortified so I called my mum and she agreed. Great I am talentless.

Thank you for reading
Love Jane


  1. Haha the answer to the last question made me laugh. haha thats cute.

  2. @xDiamondsandPearlsx thank you the picture was in brighton xx

    @suzy_girl I was seriously mortified and everyone I asked the next day all couldn't think of one talent. But my manager said I am a mukti tasker good at a lot of things lol xx