Saturday, 9 October 2010

OOTD 09/10/10

Hi everyone

This is my OOTD. I never wore any make up at all but liked the outfit so thought I would show you all. I wouldn't wear this to work it's very casual but for the weekend it's good.

Dress - asos
Cardigan - primark
Jeggings - primark
Shoes - primark
Belt - local shop
Necklace - Avon
Ring - Avon
Earrings - topshop (i think)

What did you wear today?
Thank you for reading
Love Jane xxxxx

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  1. Such a cute outfit!! :) ESPECIALLY loving the dress :D so pwetty!!!
    Plus shoes with bows = <3
    ahaaa xx

  2. @hannah thank you the shoes are so cheap and my go to shoes they go with everything. I need to get a new pair xx