Saturday, 23 October 2010

What's i'n my bag oct 2010

Hi everyone

So I will have an updated YouTube video on this but thought I would do a little blog aswell.

So what's i'n my bag. This is without a lot of the rubbish. But it wasn't as bad as I thought. I never emptied my bag before the video so what you see is what's really i'n there.

The bag itself is a black patent bag from Avon. It's massive and holds a lot of my crap. Perfect for work :-)

Scrap paper, receipts, a postcard and a leaflet on ripleys

Medicinal. I am missing plasters which is strange for me but I have seen a mini first aid kit which will be perfect for my bag

Smellys. Perfume,body spray,deodorant,hairbrush and hairbands/clips

Winter warmers. Hat h&m gloves m&s and umbrella primark

Important bits. Bus pass, purse, work pass, camera and notebook. I love to have a notebook on me.

Last but not least make up. I have my make up bag then extras that have accumulated over time.

What's i'n your bag??

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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  1. hey i dont have a youtube ac so thought id post here instead. i thought your video of the leggings for plus size girls was really inspiriing, i love leggings and wanted to get some lovely flowery ones off of primark, but wasnt sure how to carry them off as well as my other friends as im no twig on a tree (: ..but managed to pull it off with lots of compliments! just wanted to say thanks! x

  2. @emily thank you so much for your lovely comment it really means a lot. if you have any requests for my blog or my youtube channel then let me know :-D
    I am glad that you wore the leggings and got so many compliments. every girl likes to hear they look good. lol :-D xx