Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Curvy girls

Hello me again

This is a different blog post compared to what i usually do. I hope you like this. i was just so passionate about the subject.

So i am subscribed to more magazine and LOVE this magazine. I have opened this weeks and they have different clothes for different body shapes.

One being curvy YAY for us bigger girls. The only thing that has miffed me a bit is some of the companies that they have advertised.

I don't know I'f all the names show but the jeans are from miss selfridge i love there clothes but could NEVER buy clothes i'n there because the sizing is so small. No girl over a size 14 maybe at a big push and tight squeeze a size 16 can buy a pair of jeans i'n there. Now of course if anyone has and they fit you then please let me know. The clothes also come up a size smaller my sister is a size 8 i'n all shops but has to buy a 10 here.

Another shop there advertising is boohoo which is an Internet website and the biggest size they do is a size 18 but that was hard to find on there website.
There are a few more shops like this but I'm not going to go through them all.

Now i am a size 18 girl and i know that not everyone is the same body shape as me but to do a "how to" on curvy girls (which is a size 16+ as far as I'm concerned and many other people would agree) then the shops they are recommending should cater for that size range.

This is just my opinion and i would still buy the magazine regardless because i know what shops stock clothes i'n my size.

What's your opinion on this?

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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  1. I disagree - I understand the term 'curvy' as opposed to tomboyish, lean figures. It doesn't necessarily presuppose that you're going to be a size 16+ - I have a size 8 friend who is very out and in and, well, curvy.

    I think the word curvy represents an hourglass kind of figure, with curves that go in and out in all the right places, like Christina Hendricks, for example.

    I do think the word 'curvy' has been re-appropriated and that the definition has been changed to encompass other meanings, but at base level, it means just what it means: curvy. No other presuppositions, and no size limit! Every size can be curvy! Just my two cents :) xx

  2. I'm a dedicated More! reader and this pissed me off, I also dislike the term curvy.

    I'm a size 18-20 and fact is, I'm not "curvy" but I'm fat(Don't get me wrong here, I am not saying you are fat, this is my view purely of myself.) I think too many people who are considered plus sized have taken the term curvy beyond it's true meaning, as curvy is a nicer word than overweight,plus sized or whatever.

    However I do think More! Needs to get a grip, it has a wide range of readers of all shapes and sizes and a fanbase of say 18-30yr olds(going by facebook) and catering for those of us with bigger clothes sizes would not lose them any readers or make them any less popular.

    I would never shop in miss selfridge, hell I barely shop in Primark and I would never step foot in River Island!

  3. @cami Thank you for your comment. Yay your first one on my blog :-D I think hourglass figures and curvy figures are different. in my opinion. I think curvy has been adapted bby bigger women but most people see it that way most shops and a majority of magazines. i think the more article was more about 'plus size' girls aswell but the shops werent aimed that way. xx

  4. @JewlieMcK I think the term 'curvy' is much nicer then'fat' though. I agree I am fat but wouldnt want someone to refer to me as fat. but Plus size or curvy I don't mind.
    I think all magazines are the same though they know there's all different ypes of people reading there magazine but don't reach out to them all.
    I shop in primark but never miss selfridge or river island I find there sizings way to small. xx