Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday summary 10/04/11

Hi everyone,

So I have read a few Sunday summaries and really like the idea. I can't promise to do this every week but I will try.

So this week I have had a job interview, (which I got called back for a second woo hoo) I went to watch Chelsea which is my fiancé favourite football team so thought as he loved it so much I would go along for a game. He supports me with all the blogging and youtubing. Plus all my crazy shopping habits lol. So thought I should try something that he loves.

Me and Luke have started walking I'n the evenings now that it's really nice and we take the doggies along. My mum has two staffs Bruno and Bailey

The sun has been shining so out come the light coats & blazers & the sunglasses (excuse the bruised nose)

Today we went for a walk again and had a DVD fest with some mini doughnuts yummy.

Ok so last picture on this post. On the way home from Chelsea the Thames looked amazing so thought I would show that pictures aswell.
If anyone is interested I'n more posts like this then please let me know and I shall continue them.

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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