Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Leopardess ready to pounce

Good evening all,

Just a little outfit post for you all. Today I felt quite feisty I'n this leopardess look. I like the leopard print look and think it looks fab when it's understated. I went for lots of little pieces to pull together one look. My make up was understated and simple hair do. I no I'm not normally one for understated but the saying goes a leopard can change it's spots. Oops that's meant to be can't. Another cliche then "there's a first time for everything"

Action shots needed of course :-)

Dress - fashionforcurves
Under top - avon
Shoes and necklace - primark
Earrings - superdrug
Hair clips - h&m
Ring - new York (I think)

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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  1. You look fab, that dress is really beautiful on you x

  2. Aww thank you :-) it's starting to get to big for me now xx