Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The loooooong dress just went on

So today I wore a very LONG maxi dress that made me feel exceptionally short which I'm not I'm about 5'6 I should have wore my wedges which I looked at this morning, but my toes were not painted and I did not have time to be faffing about with painting my toes this morning.
On another nail polish note: I haven't painted my nails I'n about 2 weeks and there all bloody braking on me. I thought I was being good by letting them breath but no, apparently they like to be colourful and killed by the fumes of nail polish. see pic proof of my nails.

So back to today's look. Clothes actually weren't my friends to start of with, nothing looked right so I grabbed this as a last resort and hoped it stayed a beautiful sunny day. Which it did thankfully.
I could have done with the avon modesty panel with this dress, I think it was pretty boobalicious for work but I kept rearranging it so I kept my modesty :-)

Cardigan - EBay
Dress - fashionforcurves
Necklace - Next
Earrings - avon

Dress - fashionforcurves

Also note that I need some nude sucky in shorts because you could see my black ones through the dress which I didn't realise until my friend took the pictures. Oh well there clean right :-)

Shoes & Bag - debenhams


Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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  1. Beautiful outfit, red and black is such a classic combination and always stylish x

  2. @Rachel thank you :-) I love red it's def one of my fav colours to wear xx