Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mad men Joan inspired OOTD

Hi everyone,

Here's my outfit for today. I love mad men at the moment me and Luke are on season 3 it's such an easy series to watch and just draws you I'n. I also love 50's fashion and Joan has a great wardrobe. Her figure is similar to mine which is good because I can pull her outfits of :-).
I got this dress from easy it's so comfortable and easy to wear. I loved this for work and want some more I'n different colours maybe not the shiny material though I want just a normal material.
What did you wear to work?

Dress - eBay

Belt - old (but you can buy them of eBay)

Shoes - primark

Jewellery - Avon


Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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  1. LOVE this outfit!! You look gorgeous! :D <3

  2. I love the red and blue combo