Monday, 20 June 2011

PG Hips - colour blocking

So the name. I didnt know what to call this look and like a mane that's more then OOTD. So I asked the lovely ladies at work and I had a few suggestions. One being PG tips (pink and green initials) I liked PG hips I thought it sounded good. Then it's take I'n colour blocking. A long introduction I know.
Onto today's look. I always used to plan my outfit and make up the night before. I found that 1) saved time I'n the mornings and 2) saved my lunch time freak outs because I should have worn this or that and colour co-ordinated better. Not sure if you have noticed but I like to colour co-ordinate my looks. I just like the way it looks. So I did stop doing this when I moved back to mums but started again last night and loved today's look. I did used to mentally plan my look I'n my head while laying I'n bed anyway but not my make up. I found this morning I used things I had forgotten about and realised a product I hated aswell. Hmm I have actually written a lot. So let me show you some pics now. My friend took these for me she always seems to take great shots which is good for my blog :-)

Cardigan - debenhams
Top - Primark
Skirt - Tescos
Shoes - MK 1
Bag - ego
Necklace - Turkey
ring & earrings - primark

All laid out on the bed


I switched out the eyeliner because I realised how much I hate MACs fluid line & used urban decays eye liner 24/7 zero
& I never used the NYX jumbo pencil I'n green.

I hope you like this look it was a lot of fun to wear

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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