Friday, 3 June 2011

Sassy petal

It's F-R-I-D-A-Y and today was a day were clothes weren't my friend at all. I think on total I tried on about 5 different outfits and there was something wrong with all of them. Then my hair had a mind of it's own. If there was a show called hair gone wild then today my hair would be on that show. So I'n the end I just left it to do it's thing. Do you ever have days like these? Today I get to see Luke aswell since moving back to our parents we don't see each other every day any more. Boo. But when we do see each other it's even more special.
Anyway back to today's look I just went for a colourful top and my fav black trousers.

Top, trousers & Cardigan - debenhams
shoes, earrings & necklace - primark

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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  1. You look lovely! Your accessories are cute! And I always have wild hair days, you should see my hair now lmao! :)


  2. @LaCara you always look lovely I bet you don't. The necklace was just cheap from primark :-) I have noticed a lot on my blog I wear a lot if stuff from the sane shops lol xx