Sunday, 3 July 2011

Bargains I'n the sale

So I done a bit of sale shopping yesterday and got a couple of bargains and thought I would share these with you.

So I have flat feet and can not wear high heeled shoes. I need either kitten heels of medium height heels. So I looked on Evans website that always have good kitten heels and of course they came through with some cool bargains. I went into the shop and picked up 2 pairs for £25 :-)

This pair is super pretty and can go with most outfits. Yay these were £10 I'n the sale. Original price £25

These are amazingly pretty aswell. I needed some navy blue shoes and these were perfect. These were £15 I'n the sale. Original price £29.50

Andrew Collinge shampoo & conditioner £.99p at the back of superdrugs. (I thank makeupsavvy for this because I'n her most recent blog post she mentioned the sale section of boots at the back of the shop. So I checked our superdrugs and got these bargains) I don't know the original price though.
What the consistency of the shampoo looks like. It's nice and light which I like.

I needed a new one of these mascaras so I could throw my old one out. £1.99 this was full price though.

I then ventured into poundland and bought these gel cushions which I find don't work but hey I thought I would try again. And then a pretty picture frame that goes perfect with my room.

That was my weekend shopping splurge. Did you buy anything this weekend?

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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