Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Linen feast

So I ordered a gorgeous linen dress from eBay last week and it arrived yesterday. Woo hoo. I was so chuffed with the amazing fast delivery. Of course I had to wear it straight away. Anyone else do this?
I paired it with my cream blazer from eBay and a old skinny White belt.
Today started of a glorious sunny day which this look was perfect for and of course it starts raining at 4 o'clock. Luckily it was that crappy spitting rain so I didn't get completely soaked. (I say that I am at the bus stop as we speak so it could always get worse.)
My shoes were my little bargains from Evans and earrings from accessorise. Necklace, in think this was from Malta but not 100% sure.
Beware: this is very picture heavy

"I wip my hair back and fourth"

Now hide your neck. That's right the turtle pose.

Diva moment...wait...ok it's passed

Look at the surprised face.

Don't mind my itch.

Small tip: if like myself you have a derrière that could give Kim Kardashion a run for her money
"my boyfriends compliment to me and one I'm proud of :-)"
then these pencil dresses/skirts can get tighter where the split is when you sit down. Now of course if we buy the next size up it will be to big and it's not tight until we sit down, and only round the bottom. Who's with me until now?
So my tip for you is before you sit down, slightly pull your dress up a tad and then proceed to sit down.
Who has tried this? Who will try this?

Hope you enjoyed my pictureific post.
Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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