Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Plus Size Shopping

So I am a plus size blogger/shopper and a MASSIVE shopaholic if I have £1 I will find something I can buy for that. So I thought I would tell you some of my favourite shops. I know if your a regular on my blog you will already have a good idea of where I like to shop.

For work clothes I LOVE debenhams brand collection. They are affordable yet fashionable. Of course they do have some frumpy clothes. Don't all shops. I think on average a pencil dress (which we all no I love to rock a pencil dress for work) costs about £30. But because it's debenhams they always have a sale on and you can always find something you will like.
I also like Dorothy Perkins for work dresses. These are good quality for money and also very fashionable. Sometimes they do come up shorter then I like but if your selective you will be fine. There very good for tulip shaped dresses which is another favourite style of mine. There jeans are also really comfortable and they tend to have offers on them as well.

H&M is another good shop. I can get into a size 16 top now so can shop the "normal" range. I HATE that word with a passion. I personally don't like there plus size range. They very rarely have nice things in there. I find them to look frumpy.
(I never understand this. Because were plus sized doesn't mean were ashamed of our bodies and want to hide them in potato sacks. No we want clothes to flatter our bodies and want clothes to work with our curves not against them. Ok rant over.)
I haven't really bought clothes in evan's but love there shoes & boots. I have flat feet which makes my feet wider and of course being plus size I have wider calves so there boots and shoes are all amazing. I have also found there staff to be really friendly and helpful, a rare quality now days. There sales are alway's amazing aswell.

Of course I have to mention my mummy's shop. Not just because it's my mums, but a lot of my winter wardrobe staples are actually from mums ebay shop and my favourite maxi dresses as well.
another on-line store that I am a big fan of is yoursclothing. These have amazing sales an there clothes are such good quality as well.

Now of course eBay in general is a must check out you can get some amazing clothes on there on a budget.
(both dresses ebay and the blazer)

I used to love ASOS but now I find there dresses to be way to short.
I am a big fan of dresses and find them easy to wear all year round but I like them to pass my bottom.

Any shop that you think I need to add to my favourites list?

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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