Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Savings hard

So a post that's a bit different to what I normally blog.
But if any of you follow my YouTube page or twitter you would have noticed I have moved back to my parents. Now I had a lovely little 1 bed flat I'n a nice area, only downfall is it was rented (and not enough wardrobe space :-P) so me and the Mr decided were 23 now, engaged and want to get on the property ladder. Now I never knew it would be so hard. Let's talk numbers when we rented, take a deep breath, we paid £775 rent a month this never included any bills at all. Just rent for a 1 bed flat. Now exhale. So the plan was to move back to our parents. Separately which is really hard having lived together for 3 years, and save for our deposit. Now numbers aside we agreed on x amount to save for 2 years then we would have enough for a deposit, wedding and security money. Security money being really important because you never know what will happen.

Well we are now 6 months I'n and we have only just started saving. The only way I am now saving is because I set up a standing order On payday. Now I now this sounds really simple but out of sight out of mind. The money is gone straight away so I never had it to spend.

Now I am also a shopoholic & Internet shopping is my worst. I do think that we all need treats though because we work so hard we need to be able to reward ourselves. So I also gave myself a weekly budget. I made this an achievable amount because we all know make up prices are on the rise.

My last tip is to get a penny jar that you can not open. Poundlands good for these. And save all loose change. Once the pot is full up hide it away I'n a cupboard or wardrobe and at the end if the year or a special event open them all together. You would be surprised by how much you can save. The saying is every penny counts.

These seem to be helping for now and although it's a very LONG process I know at the end of it I will be a homeowner. And can maybe (hint hint Mr) get a makeup/dressing room.

Do you use any saving tips?

Sorry no pictures but any previous post makes up for this :-)

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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