Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Earring collection & storage

So I got a new earring display and thought I would show you all how I now display all of my earrings.
The earring stand below is from avon and is good for displaying dangly earrings.

I love how all of these look and I can grab these quickly as well now. I haven't colour co-ordinated them because of sizes. But there all so easy to see I don't think it needs it.

This little box I have a mixture of bits I'n. From big studs to dangly earrings to small hoops. This box is from poundland. They don't sell them anymore I Have been back a few times to check. I think it's meant to be foe screws though. I love that it's clear and I can see everything inside.

I then keep all my smaller studs I'n my actual jewellery box. There all inside small box lids so I can grab the ones I need. These are kind of organised by size. So big, medium and small. All the backs are I'n the clear box above.

Then my big hoops which I haven't worn I'n forever. I think I will add a pair to my (to wear pile) are all kept I'n a little silver box my friend got me for Christmas. I think it's from BHS

I hope you liked this blog post. I love having a nosey into people's collections.

Oh yeah I got this new app so I can collage pictures and I LOVE it.

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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