Monday, 15 August 2011

Ooby dooby

Today's look for you all hope you enjoy.

So I know the title is a strange one today but I am listening to this song and dancing in my bus seat. Obviously just a butt and shoulder dance so most people won't notice and stare at the strange lady dancing to herself. Now this song is a 50's song and I'm not sure if many of you have noticed but I kinda well LOVE the 40's/50's era. I mean it's not that noticeable. *cheeky grin*

Anyway I prepared this look last night. Of course. While preparing my looks now I always think about what I have worn previously so I can blog about a different look for that day. I did mention this on twitter earlier as well. :-) anyone else do this?

Ok so enough of my mindless waffling. Oh yeah another thing I waffle and write in a similar manner so if anyone was to meet me, well get me talking and I might not stop just a warning. Anyon going to the bloggers meet up this Saturday? I am thinking about going.
So onto my piccies.

Blazer & skirt - eBay

Top - primark

Bag - debenhams
Shoes - primark
Necklace - next
Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins (I think)
Earrings - eBay (I think)

And pose

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed my post
Love Jane
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