Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Paradise city

So today's look. For some reason I wanted to wear green and yellow together. Not sure why but I had this idea in my head yesterday. The black tones the look down a lot and stops the yellow from washing me out. So I has to keep my cardigan on all day so the look stayed in tact. I know how vain. :-)
Oh and my hair. My friend had done pin curls yesterday and it looked amazing. I did attempt this but my hair was dry so it didn't work. So I just twisted my hair up with bobby pins and slept in this. My hair looked so good this morning but by about 3 o'clock it fell out a bit. Not enough hairspray. This looked really nice on my short hair though. I will be doing this again.
Pictures this morning with my hair looking nice. (first pic rest taken at work)

Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Top - primark
Cardigan - mums (the label says south which I thinks a catalogue)
Belt - old
Bag - Aldo
Shoes - Mark 1
Necklace - avon
Earrings - old
Ring - primark

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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