Monday, 29 August 2011

Weekend madness

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the lack of posts this week. Work was crazy then this weekend has been crazy. We met an old friend of the Mr's and became tourists In London on Saturday then Sunday we went round Brighton. We had a really good weekend today we have room duty (cleaning) and I am hoping we put our bed back together today. It was broke because we were missing a part but now we have the missing part I would like to sleep on a bed again instead of just the mattress. Fun times.
So Saturday we went on the duck tours in the morning which was so cool a mini bus that turns into a boat. The concept is crazy but was so much fun.

Jacket - eBay
Top - Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - fashionforcurves
Bag - Aldo
Necklaces - primark

Some views from the boat

We then went on the London eye which was amazing. I went on the London eye when I was a kid but I don't think you appreciate it then. But going on it now some of the views were amazing. It was pouring just before we went on which was a shame because a lot of the shots have rain on the windows. but still amazing.

We went to London Zoo after but my phone died and that was what I used to take my pictures. We tried to go to ice bar but unfortunately it was all booked up which was a shame. We then went for dinner at ed's dinner this place was so nice a def recommend from me. They play loads of 50's music I'n the background and you don't have to wait longer then 15 minutes to be seated.
M&M World

Sunday we went to Brighton. I love Brighton regardless of the weather. It was a bit windy but apart from that it was a nice day. Before we left for Brighton it was piddling it down here. I took a couple of OOTD pics but with my brolly in tow.

Dress - tesco
Shoes, jacket - Dorothy Perkins
Bag, necklace - primark

I hope everyone's having a great bank holiday. I'm off to finish cleaning :-)

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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