Tuesday, 2 August 2011

When is to much stuff to much??

I have been asking myself the above question for a while. So I am a "little bit if a hoarder" shhh don't tell the Mr I admitted to it. At the weekend I had a big cleat out of my shoes. As a few of you may have noticed I only really wear kitten heels. Or I can occasionally wear high heels with a platform. So I have put all my stiletto style shoes on eBay. Most of which are brand new never been worn.
Example below. My heart cries for these.

I then looked at my make up. I font really wear lipgloss. So I bagged all of mine up. Except for a few of course. And took them into the ladies at work. They were all thrilled and could try colours they wouldn't normally try. I gelt so good for this :-) yay me.
Now I am sitting at home going through my next draw. Liquid eyeliners. I went from this

To this

I think that's really good. I swatted every single one on my hands

and made 3 piles. Keep, throw and pass on. I am now slowly going to tackle the rest of my collection. It hurts. Oh trust me it's painful but having a clear tidy space after will feel soooo good. Does anyone else do this?
I will be tackling bags & accessories as well. Wish me luck on these.
P.S everything I recycled

Thanks for reading
Love Jane
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