Friday, 30 September 2011

Frilly Socks

Hello there
OMG how hot has it been. I was seriously looking forward to Autumn and then Mr Sunshine shows his hot & sweaty head again.
So I pulled out a sheer blouse and wacked on a skater skirt. Seriously I changed my outfit 4 times this morning. I finally settled on this look. I actually liked it. I am still unsure of the shoes and socks so will have to try it again to see if I like it. I am happy that I tried something new. Fashion is about experimenting I think.
So on to some snaps.

Top - Primark
Vest Top - Debenhams
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Charity Shop (Primark)
Socks - Primark
Shoes Ebay (Dorothy Perkins)

Hope you enjoyed this post & I hope your enjoying the sunshine

Thank you For reading
Love Jane

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Navy jumper

So this outfit isn't very exciting at all. But this jumper is so nice. The material is so soft the fitting is so flattering. It just seemed to smooth every lump & bump. It's a jumper that can be dressed up or down which is a big thumbs up for me. The pictures aren't the best because I quickly took them after college hence the college folders in the background.
I think this will be a new favourite in my wardrobe.
Do you have a jumper that you love?

Jumper - M & Co
Trousers - debenhamas
Necklace & Shoes - Primark
Earrings - eBay

Thank you for reading
Love Jane

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Sunday, 25 September 2011


Sooo I have been MIA this week I have missed blogging so much. It's just been a hectic one. I started night college on Wednesday. Luckily I get to study from home so no travelling involved. I really need to get a desk. But seriously there's no space in my bedroom.

My little sister was down she's 8 months pregnant. I am solo excited to meet my little nephew. She is moving home at the end of the month so lots of cuddles from auntie Jane. We threw her a last minute babyshower on Friday. So lots of organising this week as well. I've had no time to take pictures really. Which is really annoying because I have worn lots of pretty outfits.

One outfit I wore this week my gorgeous leopard print skirt. This was sooo comfy.

Another thing I have been wearing practically all week is my gorgeous trilby and cream blazer.

Today was a restful day cinema & afters (a ice cream place) I will leave you with a picture of my yummy ice cream

I hope you all had a fab weekend. I am finishing it off with xfactor and then towie.

Thank you for reading :-)

Love Jane

Monday, 12 September 2011

I don't like Monday's

So today was my first day back at work after running mums sweet shop for nearly two weeks. I was a but nervous last night like the feeling you have the first day back at school so my sleep was all interrupted because of that. Luckily I had picked out my outfit the night before. (actually I picked it on Friday when I bought it) if I'm honest I prefer the fashion of an office. Working in a shop you have to wear flats all day and practical clothes because your on your feet all day and cleaning.
In my lovely office I can wear heels and pencil skirts.
So today's look. I bought some more ankle length trousers I love my black ones so got some khaki coloured ones. There so comfy I'm glad I got them and a gorgeous orange coloured top. They look so pretty together. Very autumnal I love Autumn so much it's my favourite season?
What's your favourite season?

Top & trousers - Dorothy Perkins

Thank you for reading
Love Jane
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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Stylist pick

So a couple of weeks ago there was an offer on KGB deals (I think) it was a 3 month subscription to stylist pick for the price if 1. Now you all now I like to shop and a bargain on top of that well I was sold straight away. The concept of this website is amazing to me. You take a quiz and from that every month they send you a list of shoes, bags & jewellery that suits your personal style. This month they sent me a selection that I picked a bag from. There was a lot of choice and picking one was really difficult.
You can opt out of a month if nothing takes your fancy (or like me maybe you over spent that month) it's £39.95 a month. I don't think this will be a every month purchase from me but maybe as a treat every other month.
The postage is free & super fast. I think this was 2 days tops. As you can tell I documented everything well.
So onto the pretty bag I got. It's a black leather bag with some velvet detailing. I like that the bag has 2 handles. It's so pretty. I can't wait to wear this but wanted to post this blog first and record a video.

Hope you like this bag. If you had to chose bag or shoes what would you pick?
I think I will pick shoes next time. I just don't want ones to high because I know my poor feet can't take them.
Have you used the website? Would you use the website?

Thank you for reading
Love Jane
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Monday, 5 September 2011

Mish mash

So these past few days I have been running my mums shop. Which has been super hectic & long hours. that mixed with my mums dogs crying at 2 In the middle of the night & always keeping me awake result I'n big bags. Not a pretty sight.
But I have a few belated looks that I thought I would chuck together. Hope you enjoy

Shoes, jeggings & top - primark
Blazer & earrings - eBay
Watch - avon
Necklace - present

Skirt & tip - new look
Cardigan & shoes - primark
necklace & earrings - little shop In town

Blazer - eBay
Top & shoes - primark
Trousers - debenhams

Funny pose

Hope you enjoyed my multiple looks :-)

Thank you for reading
Love Jane
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