Monday, 12 September 2011

I don't like Monday's

So today was my first day back at work after running mums sweet shop for nearly two weeks. I was a but nervous last night like the feeling you have the first day back at school so my sleep was all interrupted because of that. Luckily I had picked out my outfit the night before. (actually I picked it on Friday when I bought it) if I'm honest I prefer the fashion of an office. Working in a shop you have to wear flats all day and practical clothes because your on your feet all day and cleaning.
In my lovely office I can wear heels and pencil skirts.
So today's look. I bought some more ankle length trousers I love my black ones so got some khaki coloured ones. There so comfy I'm glad I got them and a gorgeous orange coloured top. They look so pretty together. Very autumnal I love Autumn so much it's my favourite season?
What's your favourite season?

Top & trousers - Dorothy Perkins

Thank you for reading
Love Jane
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