Sunday, 25 September 2011


Sooo I have been MIA this week I have missed blogging so much. It's just been a hectic one. I started night college on Wednesday. Luckily I get to study from home so no travelling involved. I really need to get a desk. But seriously there's no space in my bedroom.

My little sister was down she's 8 months pregnant. I am solo excited to meet my little nephew. She is moving home at the end of the month so lots of cuddles from auntie Jane. We threw her a last minute babyshower on Friday. So lots of organising this week as well. I've had no time to take pictures really. Which is really annoying because I have worn lots of pretty outfits.

One outfit I wore this week my gorgeous leopard print skirt. This was sooo comfy.

Another thing I have been wearing practically all week is my gorgeous trilby and cream blazer.

Today was a restful day cinema & afters (a ice cream place) I will leave you with a picture of my yummy ice cream

I hope you all had a fab weekend. I am finishing it off with xfactor and then towie.

Thank you for reading :-)

Love Jane


  1. I have to know where that skirt is from! & Best of luck for your sister!


  2. @Annie it's from ebay sooo pretty. I think very has a similar one in the sale as well.
    Thank you we are still waiting for the little man to show xx