Monday, 5 September 2011

Mish mash

So these past few days I have been running my mums shop. Which has been super hectic & long hours. that mixed with my mums dogs crying at 2 In the middle of the night & always keeping me awake result I'n big bags. Not a pretty sight.
But I have a few belated looks that I thought I would chuck together. Hope you enjoy

Shoes, jeggings & top - primark
Blazer & earrings - eBay
Watch - avon
Necklace - present

Skirt & tip - new look
Cardigan & shoes - primark
necklace & earrings - little shop In town

Blazer - eBay
Top & shoes - primark
Trousers - debenhams

Funny pose

Hope you enjoyed my multiple looks :-)

Thank you for reading
Love Jane
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