Sunday, 11 September 2011

Stylist pick

So a couple of weeks ago there was an offer on KGB deals (I think) it was a 3 month subscription to stylist pick for the price if 1. Now you all now I like to shop and a bargain on top of that well I was sold straight away. The concept of this website is amazing to me. You take a quiz and from that every month they send you a list of shoes, bags & jewellery that suits your personal style. This month they sent me a selection that I picked a bag from. There was a lot of choice and picking one was really difficult.
You can opt out of a month if nothing takes your fancy (or like me maybe you over spent that month) it's £39.95 a month. I don't think this will be a every month purchase from me but maybe as a treat every other month.
The postage is free & super fast. I think this was 2 days tops. As you can tell I documented everything well.
So onto the pretty bag I got. It's a black leather bag with some velvet detailing. I like that the bag has 2 handles. It's so pretty. I can't wait to wear this but wanted to post this blog first and record a video.

Hope you like this bag. If you had to chose bag or shoes what would you pick?
I think I will pick shoes next time. I just don't want ones to high because I know my poor feet can't take them.
Have you used the website? Would you use the website?

Thank you for reading
Love Jane
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