Friday, 20 January 2012

embarrassing encounters

Evening all, So this week has been a really rubbish one. I have a massive coldsore on my face from stressing about exams not good. So no outfit posts from me. Instead I have a bad case if January blues. I decided to think about funny outfit blunders from when I was a teenager and like most I have a few. I thought I would share a couple on here. Change my blog up a bit. These are going to be about embarrassing underwear encounters. Come on now we all have had these. (haven't we??) Ok so while I sit here realising maybe only some people get themselves in these silly situations. By some people I mean me. Ok my first encounter is a little less embarrassing then the second but let's start things of slowly here. I was 13 at the age where your noticing boys and pubity is in full swing. I was going to my friends for a sleepover we were on the bus to hers and I wanted to show her my new bag that I had brought that day. I remember it being a little white bag. I pulled it out of my sleepover bag (probably a Jane Norman bag these were very fashionable when I was young) she was looking at me laughing I look down and what's attached to my bridget jones bright blue knickers. To make matters worse there was a group of boys at the back if the bus laughing at my big bloomers. Oh my goody gosh I could of died with embarrassment. To make matters worse we were on that bus another 20 minutes after that. So your thonging what could be worse. (do you liked hint there?) So here I am 15 an age where everything in the world is massive drama. Parents are just so over rated and no nothing about being young. Who else remembers these years? I think I was the queen of strops then. So, I was 15 and dating a boy in the year above at school. We had decided to go on a "date" at the park. He brought his friend I brought mine. So I was trying my best to look good without trying to hard. All I remember about the outfit was that I wore low rise jeans and a thong. Now not any thong. No. When I was 15 the fashionable thongs had diamonte detailing at the back. I no what your thinking. Classy. Oh they were exactly that..... These were fashionable and when your 15 you follow the craze. So were at the park. It wasn't really a park just a green field with a ramp. We had to run up the ramp to sit down. While sitting there talking trying to be all nonchalant. My thong snaps. Literally where the diamonte detailing was at the back it snaps in half. I whisper to my friend that we had to go and explained the situation. Quietly of course. She nods in agreement that we should leave. I tell the boys that we had to leave the park was close to my friends so I said my friends mum had dinner ready for us. Just as my very good friend points out it's because my thong has broken. If there was a moment for the ground to open up and swallow me that was definitely one of them moments for me. I hope you liked this post if your interested I can add these in now and then because I have a few of these stories. If you fancy sharing any of your embarrassing moments I would love to read them. I hope this put a smile on your face. Thank you so much for reading I hope you have an amazing day Love Jane XxX Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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