Monday, 13 February 2012

Make up collection Feb 2012

Hi everyone
I thought I would do an updated make up collection post for you all.
It looks a lot bigger then it is. Honest.

Dressing table in all it's glory.
The draws are from Argos

On the top of the dressing table I have candles burning. I always have 2 candles burning on my dressing table.
The three lipsticks are from debenhams I love the packaging of these.
The three little perfumes look pretty on the table but I don't know what brands they are.
The mirror is from past times & the mirror is reckon.

In the draws I have all my face products.
On the left I have all my blushers & bronzes.
On the right I have all my foundations & concealers.

The black boxes on the top are from feel unique. It's there beauty boxes but there not doing them any more. These are great for holding make up in.

On the top drawer I have lipbalms.
The second drawer I have all my mascaras.
Third draw lipglosses
Fourth draw lip pencils

In my top drawer I have all my smaller palettes.
In the second draw I have all my lipsticks, this is my favourite draw

In my bottom 3 draws I have my eyeliners in one & then split into colours and the other I have all my smaller palettes, gel pots & paint pots

Thank you so much for reading my blog
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  1. Wow! you are so organize. I love your vanity too! ^_^