Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Mummy of two boys

I sit here watching scooby doo.
6 month old is napping in the mummaroo and my toddler is engrossed in the cartoon.
Soon caos will depend.
E will wake up. Need to get dressed for the day and scream whilst I put his earing aids in.
M will decide of he wants to wear pants today (I secretly hope he doesnt. I hate the mess. I'm following his lead as and when be wants to use the potty)  then will dress him. Should probably dress myself as well.
I'll say we will go out for the day.  We probably won't. Since having E my social anxiety is crazy.
I'm constantly worried that people will point and stare at his hearing aids and make comments. I'm worried the toddler will run off and I won't be able to chase him and the pushchair. Public meltdowns are in full force and so are the stares from everyone around.
We will watch scooby doo all day. Play and argue with the toddler why he can't climb on the windowsill because it isn't safe.
Time to finish the ramble E is waking up
Until next time